I am Priyanka Gupta from Sangrur. I’m working hard day and night to fulfil my father’s dream. I have done MBA in Finance. I spent my childhood in a small town of Punjab – Nangal. My father, Mr. Badridas Bansal, was an employee in Bhakra Dam’s Electricity department and he loved doing farming. We had a small patch of land in our backyard where he usually practiced vegetables farming. After working in Nangal for long 12 years, he got transferred to Patiala and we started living there. We had some spare land in Patiala and so he cleared all the land and started to do farming there.

He started gaining popularity among our relatives, who became our regular customers. Unfortunately, later he started facing some health issues. To help him, i enrolled myself in farming. Gradually, my interest in farming also increased.
Initially, we started working with Punjab Agro, where we were really doing well.

Eventually, we opened a shop in Sangrur with 4-5 farmers, but due to some problems we had to shut down our shop.

I faced various problems in my farming journey but always overcame them with my hard work and devotion. Our father and daughter duo spent most of the time on farm and practice pure organic farming. We started doing purely organic farming.

Crops grown using insecticides and other chemicals are very dangerous for human health. So instead of eating such products all should prefer organic products because nothing is more valuable than our health.

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We need to work hard in every field. But you will get real satisfaction when after this hard work, you will see your crop standing tall in the field and when your customers will praise you for your work.